Gender and Diversity

Accepting a variety of sexual identities is the essence of a free society. For more than 30
years I have been fighting for realizing this concept as an author. I write about people who
successfully break through role cliches.

Twists of Lust and Trust

My novel ‘Twists of Lust and Trust’ shows a heroine, Anita, who completely ignores conventions and expectations.

As an androgynous lesbian mother, she does not comply with the concepts of traditional caring motherhood. She counteracts femaleness and thus lives the highly praised concept of gender fluidity, often quoted in theory however rarely present in literature.

“She’s man and woman, the ideal fusion of male and female into one person, my voluptuous
ideal – this rough-and-tumble daredevil, slim, taunt maleness in a a female being…”(Twists,


It starts with the breaking of the waves and summer hits in an open-air disco along the harbor. Girl meets girl? Or boy? Or both in one person? A menage à trois for two people, plus one persona who elbows her way in. An island, two people, a summer love story. 

Karin Rick, master of erotic suspense, knits an incredible story with many twists and turns out of this simple constellation. Her book is a must for all those who want to get rid of gender restrictions.