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Going to her tiny bathroom for the first time, opening the nondescript brown plastic bag from Blackpool and taking out the tightly scrunched up PVC dress, putting it on the back of the toilet, then the bra, the G-string, the wig, the makeup on the vanity, getting myself undressed: out of the jeans, off with the sweatshirt, and then into the dress, pulling it up over the curve of my butt – a strange feeling. 

The realization of dreams is worse than the dreams themselves. Overcome with extreme fear, a tightening in my chest, mingling with the hope of total liberation. By now I have lost all sense of truth or reality, I have arrived at the land of dreams, other laws apply here. I don`t exist as Steve, as a man, anymore, I am racing towards the realization of my perfect “self”.

About the story

It starts with the breaking of the waves and summer hits in an open-air disco along the harbor. Girl meets girl? Or boy? Or both in one person? A menage à trois for two people, plus one persona who elbows her way in. An island, two people, a summer love story.

Karin Rick, master of erotic suspense, knits an incredible story with many twists and turns out of this simple constellation. Her book is a must for all those who want to get rid of gender