Desire and Sex, writing and desiring

For me sexual desire and the desire to create literature are the same. It’s the wish to minimize the distance to a beloved person, to the reader or to life itself. My focus is not only on classic heterosexual love stories and erotic tales but on queer, transgressive and kinky sexuality.

Sex is the answer

The love she feels for a leather woman confuses the protagonist. And a cool ex-lover, whose attractiveness should have been long gone, is not put aside so easily.
The oscillation between “wanting” and “not-wanting”, the lust for glamour, for submission and dominance, jealousy, desire and yearning guide the main characters Kaye, Felicitas and the narrator, three women who, in the game of seduction use quite unusual methods and instruments.

Described in an outrageously ironic and humorous tone, the setting of this action is the women’s scene in the Vienna of the 2010ies.