Eros and Music in a redlight bar

For the second time in a few weeks Lucy and me took the risk: a reading on stage of Venuswave/Venuswelle – two voices for two characters getting closer, for the roller coaster ride of their emotions on their secret stage of obsessions.

The former redlight club Arena Bar, which now stages cultural events was just perfectly made for the unusual encounters of my protagonists Steve and Nina, giving them a sound space where two voices meet and thus their intimacy gains more plasticity.

The public reacted passionately and their questions referred to the specifics of sexual role play involving fetishism and submission and also about the following aspects: Does a very special erotic setting influence the lives of the protagonists outside this shelter? What is the role of literary writing in conserving this unique setting?

Any textproduction gives the illusion that a unique sexual situation can be reproduced over and over. By the act of writing, publishing and reading the illusion of being able to overcome the fugacity of life is maintained.

Many thanks to Andreas Brunner for his sensitive introduction, to the public for its thoughtful questions and to Lucy McEvil for her excellent performance and cooperation.