Twists of Lust and Trust

My novel Chaosgirl has finally been translated into English under the new title Twists of Lust and Trust.

The exciting love story between extravant individualist Irene and whirlwind Anita, mother of two boys is now available in English. It has been translated wonderfully by Ida Cerne. In a comment about her work on „Chaosgirl“ – „Twists of Lust and Trust“ Ida Cerne said:

„As a translator who has lived in various cities and experienced the idaosyncracies of different cultures, I have the urge to feel connected, but am willing to risk living outside the box, at the cost of being myself, uninhibited and curious. Translating Karin Rick’s erotic novel made me more open to the sensuality of language and confirmed my belief we are all at our most exposed in the chaos of love!“

Ida Černe is a writer and translator who has lived in Belgrade, Washington D.C. , Brussels and St. Paul, Minnesota where she got her BA in cultural anthropology at Macalester College, after which she attended the translators institute in Vienna. She translates Serbian, Russian and German into English. She has worked as a freelance journalist for Vienna Life, VOA, Radio Austria International and Blue Danube Radio, and as a ghostwriter. For 20 years, she has been translating everything from rap to rock operas (John Bock’s Maltreated Frigate, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary 2006), to screenplays such as Cutting Edge, produced by the Oscar-nominated production company Razor Film in Berlin and subtitles for Pink Palace, Paradise Beach (Dor Film), Ijon Tichy, Space Pilot (Sabotage Films 2011), and God R Us (2012). I am proud that I had her as a translator of my novel Chaosgirl.

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